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Cubs Suck Club welcomes Clark the Cub

This blog has failed you for too long! We apologize for the lack of updates. But as you all know, it’s just no fun picking on the Cubs year after year after year when they aren’t even competing. It would be one thing if they were threatening to compete — but last place — every year. We just don’t feel like piling on.


But enough is enough. We can’t wait any longer. This year we will pile on despite them being terrible. We will keep bringing you the jokes, the news of their suckiness, the images and more. It’s 2014 and the Cubs Still Suck!

Clark the Cub

So what do you all think of “Clark the Cub”. Stupid looking mascot that shows where their priorities are… NOT WINNING… NOT BUILDING THE TEAM… But more marketing!!! How can we get more fans? How can we make more money?  Not — How can we win a World Series!

R Rated “Clark the Cub”

Kids — time to close this post. Hit the little X. Adults — did you see the “R Rated’ version of Clark the Cubs. Quite humerous if I must say so. Good work by someone!


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