Pulling a Cub- v.; adj., pul ling a c u b-

1. To say something stupid or act in a foolish way, much like the Chicago Cub’s fanbase.
(Examplebelieving that “Oh yeah? Well the cubs home games have the best attendance record”

is something to brag about to fans of other teams that win pennants and world series trophies.)

2. To keep believing even when your favorite sporting team sucks.
3. To lose an easy game or choke with a big lead.
4. To win an easy division and brag about when your counterparts are winning a much more difficult division.

(B-b-b-but cubs fans believe that they’re in the toughest division of the tougher

leagueThat’s been their excuse for suckiness for decades.)

Thanks to a gracious Cub hater for sending this one in.