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Over a Century of Bad Chicago Cubs Baseball

Hitler and the 2009 Chicago Cubs

Hitler has learned a thing or two about the 2009 Chicago Cubs!  Classic video created by a loyal CSC reader.


  1. HA! Phillies swept those losers, their first sweep at Wrigley since 1984. I hope that teaches you scrub fans a lesson to not throw beer at the other teams players, they’ll just make history on your asses!!!

  2. You know what’s worse than the dolt throwing the beer? The rest of the bleacher rats thought it was just too funny. What a bunch of worthless jerks those sheeple are. I hope the idiot that tossed the beer gets charged. God I hate sheep.

  3. Again, it just shows what stupid classless assholes cub fans are! Pretty stupid to go to jail for something as stupid as throwing a beer at a player-the spineless coward! I don’t care if you ARE frustrated-find another team to root for!

    GO GO WHITE SOX AND WHOEVER PLAYS the cubs (flubs)!

  4. Wow this video IS hilarous. Is this from an actual movie? Stros lose three out of four to the Fish but the scubs get their asses handed to them by the Phils? Ha ha I love it! By the way what’s this about a sheep throwing beer? Someone please fill me in on this!

  5. To hpencefan18,
    Some stupid cub fan threw a beer at Shane Victorino when he was going for a fly ball in center field. This happened in the 5th inning of lasat night’s game. The guy was caught and charged with 2 misdemeanors. Serves him right-the idiot!

  6. johnny macchione-the guy who tossed the beer at Victorino:
    You are a stupid asshole! The cubs SUCK, AND SO DO YOU!

  7. Thanks soxfanforever. Stupid sheep. I just googled his name and in the Suntimes newspaper he said “The Chicago Cubs-I’m sorry I disgraced you, the fans of the Cubs, myself, my family. And that’s all. The courts will handle itself.” YOU RETARD!!!!! This just gives us cub haters more reasons to laugh and make fun of you! And it was on ESPN! So the whole world saw it! Except for me though. To busy watching the Stros-Marlins game.

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