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Sport Championship ‘rings’

Some sports ‘World Championship rings’ are so diamond-encrusted, they’re worth more than your house.  Here are a few examples of championship rings from baseball, football, and hockey. Phillies   Steelers   Penguins White Sox   Cardinals Cubs WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR! Submitted by Dan Weiler

Cubs Suck Club welcomes Clark the Cub

This blog has failed you for too long! We apologize for the lack of updates. But as you all know, it’s just no fun picking on the Cubs year after year after year when they aren’t even competing. It would be one thing if they were threatening to compete — but last place — every […]

Cubs Add More Seating to Wrigley Field

Good morning Cub haters.  Chicago Side Sports is reporting that the Chicago Cubs are adding 5000 more seats to Wrigley Field.  Not just any seats, these seats will be completely obstructed view seats.  According to Chicago Side Sports, Cub fans had two issues they wanted solved, “We asked customers what we could do to help […]

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