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Over a Century of Bad Chicago Cubs Baseball

An open letter to Steve Bartman

KFC has offered Steve Bartman, the man who ultimately prevented the Cubs from entering the World Series in 2003, an invitation to STAY HOME! KFC will supply Bartman with a Phillips Limited Edition 42″ 3-Pixel-Plus High-Definition LCD TV and a KFC feast so that he watches ALL Cubs post season games from the comfort of […]

Cub Fans are ‘Sheep’

This is to all of you Cub Fans (a.k.a Sheep) who are wondering why you are called sheep. Thanks to cardsfan for the definition: You are called sheep because you blindly follow that sorry assed team known as the Laughable Losers. You follow them season after season although invariably they lead you to the slaughterhouse […]

Cubs Player Nicknames

We are going to start a list of all the ‘humorous’ nicknames that Cub Haters have given to the Cubs players, management, etc… If you have others, please add them to the comments or post them in the forum and we’ll add them to this list. This can be current or past players. Nicknames are […]

Ex-Cubs Turned Good List

We are going to start compiling a list of ex-Cub players who excelled after they left the Cubs. Feel free to add more to the comments section or in the forum and we’ll add to this list. We’d also like to hear your rankings of who the BEST Player the Cubs gave up on was. […]

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