Cry Me a River, Loser Shirts Now AVAILABLE!

January 22, 2019


After Ryan Dempster (really?) and Kris Bryant did some goofy skit in front of the puppets Friday night and Bryant went on to talk about how he didn’t like St. Louis – the Cardinals came back stronger.

John Brebbia of the Cardinals confirmed what we already knew. Kris Bryant is in fact, a loser. Not only did that happen – then Yadier Molina came back with an Instagram post confirming that.

It’s going to be a fun winter, and even better spring and summer of baseball with the lovable losers. The Cubs know that they are in trouble with both Milwaukee and St. Louis coming for them.

Today, we present the “Cry Me A River, Loser” Tshirts, which are here by popular demand. All weekend, we fielded inquires about getting the shirts, and here they are.


It’s time to get in the STORE and not only get yourself one of the new TShirts, but you will also be presented with a discounted L Flag opportunity after your purchase. We’ll even THROW IN some free “L” Stickers for good measure with each shirt purchase.

Before we go – please understand the Cubs Suck. It’s actually kind of funny, because what’s fading faster? Kris Bryant’s shoulder, Ryan Dempster’s hair or the Cubs chances of winning the NL Central in 2019?

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