Cub Fans are ‘Sheep’

March 21, 2007


This is to all of you Cub Fans (a.k.a Sheep) who are wondering why you are called sheep. Thanks to cardsfan for the definition:

You are called sheep because you blindly follow that sorry assed team known as the Laughable Losers. You follow them season after season although invariably they lead you to the slaughterhouse season after season. Dumb, blind sheep who still think that the Losers are the greatest team on Earth even after nearly 100 years of mediocrity. You gather in flocks and proclaim yourselves the best fans in Baseball Nation BECAUSE you blindly follow that sorry assed team season after season. You’re called sheep because you act like stupid sheep.

You do stupid things like guarantee a Scubby WS title. You aren’t smart enough to say something like “The Scubs have improved themselves and could contend this year.” No, instead you say “The Losers will win the WS”. You say stupid things like “If Crior gets healthy, he’ll win 20 games and take the Losers to a WS title” instead of saying “Maybe this year Crior can stay healthy and win a few games.” You say “What do you do after the Scubs DO win the World Series?” instead of saying “IF the Scubs were to win the WS”. You know, dumb, stupid sheeplike things. You leave yourselves no out. You make ridiculous predictions and end up eating crow. You walk around all puffed up and proud even when the Losers are 15 games out and 20 under. You know, dumb stupid sheeplike stuff. You mouth and mouth and keep on mouthing just like the flock of sheep that you are.

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