Over a Century of Bad Chicago Cubs Baseball

Cub Hater Story by a Milwaukee Brewer Fan

July 29, 2010


First off, I do want to you about myself. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a Brewer fan. I go to different baseball ballparks for my vacation. There are only four ballparks I have not been to. Those ballparks are San Francisco, Washington and both New York ballparks. However, I have been to the previous venues that these respective teams played at.

I wear the hats and t-shirts of the same team in the city I am visiting. The only time I do not root for the home team is when the Brewers are in the town I am visiting.

I take an Amtrak train trip once a year to Chicago. I alternate Wrigley and U S Cellular each year. I do root for the White Sox. I rooted for the White Sox in the 2005 World Series. I would love to see a Brewer- White Sox World Series.

I wear the opponent’s shirt and hat every time I go to Wrigley. I have a hat and shirt for 29 of the 30 teams in baseball. The only team I do not have covered is the Cubs.


I think Wrigley Field is a dump. There are only three ballparks that suck more than Wrigley. One of them is the Metrodome. This is the last year for that place. I believe that this is the best “fan” club I am joining.

Now for my story:

I was in St. Louis back in 2005 for a Cardinal-Cub game. I stopped off at a place called Show-Me’s near the Arch after the game. Show-Me’s is a version of Hooters with better food. I was wearing a t-shirt that said “Chokers since 1908”. The word Chokers had the big red Cubs C. “Cubs Suck!” was on the back. Mind you, beer has a big part of this story.

I was sitting at the bar and drinking a mug of Miller. Five Cub fans were sitting at a nearby table and one of them noticed my CUBS SUCK t-shirt. I will now put in order what happened.

Bub fan yells: Hey you.

I turn around.

Cub fan: Turn your shirt inside out.

Naturally, I blew him off.

Cub fan: Hey.

I turn around again.

Cub fan: I told you to turn you to turn your shirt inside out.

I blew him off once again.

Cub fan leaves his table and sits next to me.

Cub fan: I am not going to tell you again. Turn your shirt inside out.

I pick up my beer, drink the rest and slam my mug on top of the bar.

Now it is my turn to talk:

Me: The only thing I am going to turn inside out is you if you do not go back to your table and shut the f*** up.

His four buddies jump up. I pick up a bar stool. A rumble is about ready to happen.

A little waitress named Danielle runs to my side and is ready to back me up. Joel and Jay the managers run from behind the bar and toss all five out. I pound on the window and laugh at all five of them as they leave.

I bought Danielle a shot and the legend of my hatred for the Cubs had been established in St. Louis.

I have many more “Cubs Suck” stories for you. I think this is going to be a lot fun to share my stories with you. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Mike “Ballpark” Gimler

P S Go Brewers!!!!

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