Cubs are a Complete and Utter EMBARRASSMENT!

January 13, 2019


Way to be a good person, Theo. You are one sick individual. It was one thing for Theo to basically sell his soul and buy Aroldis Chapman, just months after shooting rounds of bullets at his wife in the family garage…. To win a World Series…. It’s COMPLETELY different and EVEN MORE WRONG to support Addison Russell, and not only that —- “you behave for a few months and we will pay the money you lost during suspension”. WHAT. A. FREAKING. JOKE.

First of all, the guy isn’t even good enough to stick through with. Are you kidding? Okay, so the Cubs are going to pay Addison Russell $3.4M contract, and give him a series of bonuses, which will add up to the $600,00 he is losing during suspension.

Bonus 1 – spending 30 days on the active roster – $100,000
Bonus 2 – spending 60 days on the active roster – $100,000
Bonus 3 – spending 90 days on the active roster – $100,000
Bonus 4 – spending 120 days on the active roster – $100,000
Bonus 5 – spending 150 days on the active roster – $200,000

Guess who is going to be on the active roster in 2019?

Russell is due to come back the first week of May. Many are already talking about the re-action he will get when he returns. But, Cub fans are incredibly stupid, and are given great odds in Vegas to give him a standing ovation.

The Cubs are the worst organization in all of sports, and this is just 1 of the hundreds of reasons why. The Cubs Suck, always and forever.

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