Cubs Bullpen SUCKS AGAIN!

May 7, 2019


And all is well in MLB again..

Playing the worst team in baseball; a day after Cub fans lost their load after winning a series over the Cardinals, they did it again. The Cubs showed their true self and took a big fat 6-5 L to the Marlins. Ah – the Marlins winning late at Wrigley Field. It never gets old.

The Cubs led 4-3 heading into the 9th. Hat wearing sideways boy – Pedro Strop then happened. He went a total of 0 innings for a hit and 3 runs allowed. While this dude – Kyle Ryan didn’t help his cause, basically letting in the 6th run on a play 3rd graders could have made.

HAHAHAHAHA – the Marlins. That’s a LOSER and blown save for hat wearing sideways boy. Always stay losers, Cubs!

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