The Cubs Continue to Stockpile Young Arms – But Will it Pay Dividends? OF COURSE NOT!

June 30, 2017


With the MLB draft complete for 2017, clubs are taking stock of their efforts and the quality that they were able to add to their playing squads.

This years’ draft was particularly exciting, after the very pick saw the Minnesota Twins make Californian high-school student Royce Lewis the number one pick. This is expected to earn the rookie a staggering bonus in excess of $6.7 million.

While you could try exciting progressive jackpots at Royal Vegas in a bid to earn the same amount, this deal highlights the growing importance of MLB drafts. This is particularly true for outfits such as the Cubs, who entered this years’ draft in 30th place with a pick value of just $2,184,300.

Who Have the Cubs Selected This Year?

The Cubs have (badly) attempted to develop a clear focus this season, stockpiling young pitchers to create greater balance and equilibrium for the future. This is a strategy that’s just helped the Washington Nationals record a 6-1 victory over the boys from Chicago.

Another striking pick was the selection of power-pitching southpaw Brendon Little, who’s last name reflects the chance of the Cubs winning another world series. His inconstancy will prove crucial to their continued decline.

Why we love Arrieta

Jake Arrieta continued his fine form against the Nationals, with Cubs catcher Miguel Montero commending his teammate on the Cubs’ seven stolen bases. Safe to say, we certainly hope he won’t be traded any time soon.

Of course he’s not the only underperformer. A full list of them can be found here.

Is Alex Lange the Cubs’ Dark Horse?


The Last Word

With Montero throwing Arrieta under the bus all we can do is sit back and enjoy our popcorn. The latter’s reported seven-year $25 million deal he would be seeing in free agency this offseason is a testament to his skill, constancy and dedication to the Cubs’ cause.

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