Cubs Fly the L in Preseason Action

July 20, 2020


We’re singing the Cubs Suck, the Cubs Blow – Hey Chicago, what do ya say, the Cubs are going to Fly the L today!

Last night confirmed what we already knew. The Chicago Cubs Suck, and are the worst team in the city. After scoring a run in the first and the second, Cub fans blew their loads. They thought the World Series was already won. Little did they know – 6 runs for the Southsiders in the 5th and another in the 7th led to a 7-3 loss to the White Sox.

That’s a LOSER! Fly those L flags! We have a sneaky feeling that there are going to be a bunch of days and nights to Fly those L flags in 2020. This Chicago Cubs team sucks!

Kyle Hendricks, who Cub fans are trying SOOOO hard to make Greg Maddux got roughed up and only lasted 4.2 innings before getting yanked.

To make matters worse – Ross Detwiler (LOL) picked up the win for the White Sox.

Get those flags out! Buy yours:

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