Cubs Player Nicknames

July 10, 2006


We are going to start a list of all the ‘humorous’ nicknames that Cub Haters have given to the Cubs players, management, etc… If you have others, please add them to the comments or post them in the forum and we’ll add them to this list. This can be current or past players. Nicknames are use for all kind of professional players like for one of the best poker players Phil Helmuth. His nickname is “The Poker Brat” as in 1989 he was the youngest player to win the Main Event at the World Series of Poker at age 24, and for his temperamental personality.

Current Players/Management:
Aramis Ramirez: Error-miss
Jacque Jones: Joke Jones, Jerk Jones
Rich Hill: Rich over hill
Derrek Lee: Brenda/Tommy Lee
Michael Barrett: Grin and Barrett, Cheapshot Barrett
Todd Walker: Deadman Walker
Ryan Dempster: Ryan Dumpster
Carlos Zambrano: Cy Young Zambrano, Zamwhacko, Psycho Punk, Zambdumbo
Mark Prior: Mark Crior
Kerry Wood: Broken Wood
Glendon Rusch: Glendon Rusch-Out
Larry Rothchild: Larry Wrongchild
Lou Piniella: Lou Vanilla

Past Players/Management:
Corey Patterson:
Jeromy Burnitz: Jeromy Burnout
Nomar Garciaparra: Nomore Gasinthetankia
Todd Hollandsworth: Todd Hollandsworthless
Jason Dubois: Jason Do-Boys
Andy MacPhail: Andy MacFail
Moises Alou: Moises Alouser
Dusty Baker: Crusty Baker
Greg Maddox: Greg Maalox, Gone Maddox
Neifi Perez: Nappy Perez
Juan Pierre: Stinkly la Pierre

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