Cubs Sticking up for Wife Beater

April 28, 2019


As if the 2019 Chicago Cubs, who have been a complete embarrassment already this season are not making enough negative headlines. I mean, Anthony Rizzo is not hitting his weight, Kris Bryant is off to a slow start, and David Bote has become a new hero in Chicago, becoming the most average player to ever become a hero in a major city such as Chicago. Along with the fact that the bullpen sucks and Yu Darvish is terrible – now the Cubs want more bad press;

This report talks about how the Cubs are threatening reporters that do not talk about Mrs. Madddi Russell in a positive light. You have got to be kidding me. I mean, we know what he did, right? If you forgot, maybe this will ring a bell.

This, coupled with the fact that captain douchebag Joe Maddon says it’s his spot, and he is starting when he comes back, along with fans giving him a large ovation in his minor league rehab.

Are the Cubs and Cub fans the worst in sports? And no is not the right answer. You have got to be kidding me, morons.

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