Cubs Suck Season is BAAAACK!

February 17, 2020


Ahhhhh yes! Cubs Suck Season is back! We absolutely missed picking on those pathetic, sad losers known as the Chicago Cubs. We are ready for yet another completely epic failure of a season that includes seeing the crying, drunk faces of all those Cub fans in the world’s biggest urine museum known as Wrigley Field.

When February 22nd gets here and Chicago Loser Baseball is on the air (by the way, how about that garbage Marquee Sports Network that expects people to actually pay real-life money to watch them on TV) – the pathetic little trolls known as Cub fans are going to start their sadness.

This team is not good. They got NO better from their patheticness of last year. Kris Bryant lost his case, and he cannot WAIT to get out of Chicago. Yu Darvish is more worried about the Astros than he is pitching and getting better at baseball. And the big brother is now the manager. Yikes – what a dumpster fire this team and organization will be in 2020.

The regular season starts on Thursday March 26th in Milwaukee. Go Brewers Go! How surprised are we going to be when the Cubs finish fourth in the National League Central in 2020?

Fly the L!

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