Cubs Suck So Bad Brian McCann Wants No Part

March 11, 2019


So, as we have discussed all offseason – does anyone care for the Cubs anymore? Remember when Cub fans spewed at the mouth about how they could attract basically any player they wanted. When push comes to shove – they are full of garbage, and in fact, it’s the opposite. Apparently, Joe Maddon and the Cubs are so cool that NO ONE wants to play for them.

The latest was Brian McCann. Keep in mind Brian McCann’s best years were like 20 years ago. The Cubs needed a backup catcher, and McCann was not interested in being part of that dog poop organization. So, heading into the start of the season – the Cubs backup catcher position still sucks, and that’s saying something behind WiLLson Contreras.

Ahhh – just another day in baseball hell for the boys on the North Side. If that’s not enough; seeing the hysteria over several media publications listing the Cubs in DEAD LAST in the National League Central has made this a great time to be a Cub hater.

The season is almost here, get those flags out. There is no doubt the Cubs will SUCK in 2019!

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