Despite COVID-19; the Cubs STILL SUCK

April 27, 2020


Okay, so while this COVID-19 garbage is super annoying, and changing all of our lives in an everyday basis, the one thing we have really realized through all of this? Man, the Cubs Suck. It’s nearing the end of April, and this would be about the time of season where the Cubs would be falling into last place, and remaining there. The Manager would be throwing the players under the bus, the players would be whining about umpires, travel and the fans. The fans would quit showing up or show up and drink beer and not watch baseball. It really is a Chicago tradition.

What hope do the Chicago Cubs actually have in 2020? Not much. That pitching rotation is full of old grandpa’s. Kris Bryant is throwing a temper tantrum, and wants out of Chicago so incredibly bad, he can hardly stand it. Anthony Rizzo is finally exposed, as pitchers and defenders know exactly how to play him. Javier Baez has good hands, but he can’t carry the team all season. Don’t even get us started with that bullpen.

Basically, in the end – the Chicago Cubs Suck. The City of Chicago Sucks and nothing has really changed. We need Baseball, because we need something to laugh at — the Chicago Cubs in 2020 will be just that.

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