Introducing LOSERS of 6 of their Last 10 Games – the 2019 Chicago Cubs

June 23, 2019


Man, the 2019 Chicago Cubs Suck. Craig Kimbrel was signed, but the word is – he is barely getting over 90mph in the minor leagues. That will be fun for him and the Cubs if he can’t start figuring that out. The boo birds will come out quickly at Wrigley Field for that cat.

Coming into Sunday – the Cubs have dropped 6 out of their last 10 games, and they get to face Jacob DeGrom on Sunday. Cole Hamels goes for the Cubs, but he sucks, and the Mets are ready to tee off on his old left arm. The Cubs have also dropped 8 out of their last 12.

Saturday was a disaster for the lovable losers with the Cubs giving up 10 runs. The Mets scored in every inning through the first 6. Jose Quintana is now 4-7 on the season with a 4.50 ERA.

Offensively – the Cubs look like the bad news bears. Kyle Schwarber is the lead-off hitter, and lord almighty, does he suck. His .231 is not going to cut it. You want to talk bad? Mr. wife beater himself – Addison Russell hitting a nice .229 after his 0-4 yesterday.

Oh yeah – remember Theo’s League? Daniel Descalso has come over and is hitting .188. HAHAHAHAHAH

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