Jose Quintana STILL SUCKS

May 26, 2019


If a Cub fan tells you that Jose Quintana is anything better than not good, he is lying to you. Jose Quintana SUCKS. 5.1 innings against the Reds, and allowed 12 hits and 6 runs. Goodness, Jose – feel free to get guys out. The hapless Cubs lost two out of three to the Cincinnati Reds.

Now, the Cubs are ready to take L’s for quite some time. The Cubs have 3 in Houston and then 3 on the road in St. Louis. That will lead us into June when they will show us their true Cub colors!

While we are talking the pathetic Cubs. Baby Bear fans are slobbering over the job Daniel Descalso is doing. The dude is batting .205. Even worse – Addison Russell STILL cannot hit anything other then his ex wives. Theo’s world lives on – and the CUBS SUCK!

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