Kris Bryant Flies the L with Ryan Dempster

January 20, 2019


First of all, Ryan Dempster of all people? How is he even relevant? I guess this is the same organization that still idolizes David Ross. Anyways, Ryan Dempster of all people and Kris Bryant decided they wanted to be funny and take on the entire city of St. Louis. They didn’t go real well for them, as they were absolutely destroyed by Cardinal players and fans.

If you ever wanted to see a full blown shit show, say something negative about Kris Bryant on Social Media. Holy keyboard warriors all over the place. The place was full of “Cub insiders” giving their thoughts on the incidents.

John Brebbia started at one of the Cardinals events when he was asked about the Kris Bryant comments. His response: “Cry me a River, Loser!”. Kris Bryant likely thinks St. Louis is boring with his career .220 average there, and a place where John Brebbia has forced the Cubs third baseman to an 0-4 career.

Then, Yadier Molina, the real super star got on Instagram and basically said what every person wanted to say to the smug Cubs chump. Marcell Ozuna also chimed in, and it was ON, on Social Media.


So a nice little update. In true CUBS SUCK CLUB fashion, we decided to jump on board and play our little role in this controversy.

We created the first and only Cry Me A River, Loser t-shirt for all of you Cardinal fans that can’t stand the Cubs. Read more about that shirt here or head out to our store to grab it while it lasts.

P.S. — does anyone know how we can get one of these shirts delivered to Yadi and Brebbia? Contact us 🙂

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