Missing in Action: The Chicago Cubs Offense

September 1, 2019


Ahh – it’s a shame to see a Joe Maddon group completely wet the bed over the weekend. Nice work, Milwaukee Brewers. After the Cubs came away with a win on Friday over the Brewers; Cub fans sang, and acted all gay and merry. After that – it was all she wrote.

The Milwaukee Brewers threw some absolute horse poop pitchers as well, and boom – 0 runs in two games. Nice offense, Cubs. Way to light a fire under the offense – Ben Zobrist. And how about that – a whole big celebration to have this old journeyman come back, and the dude did not even play. HAHAHAHA!

Saturday we saw Zach Davies go 4.2 innings and shut down the trash can offense known as the Chicago Cubs. Matt Albers, Drew Pomeranz and Junior Guerra even got in on the action. Sunday saw Gio Gonzalez walk four guys in 3 innings, and still shut down the Cubs. HAHAHAHAHA – nice work, Cubs offense.

Ya hate to see it. Now, the Cubs are back to 3 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals, and only 3 games ahead of the Brewers for the second wildcard. Keep sucking, Cubs!

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