National FLY THE L Weeks Have ARRIVED!

September 16, 2019


Okay, Cubs Suck fans. The time has come. The Cubs Choke time has arrived. Two weeks left in the season, and the Cubs are a game up on a playoff spot. The Pittsburgh Pirates completely bent over for them, but now it’s time to start flying the L early and often. In fact, the rest of September is National FLY THE L Flag!

The Reds, the Cardinals, the Pirates again and the Cardinals again remain. How awesome will it be to fly that L flag over and over, and see the Cubs miss the postseason, and the fans that call it a “dominating dynasty” start crying even before October begins?

So, let’s get after it. Let’s fly those L Flags. Get them here: – they are absolutely guaranteed to piss off those lovable loser fans.

Flood Wrigley, Flood PNC and especially FLOOD BUSCH STADIUM with those L flags. Again here is your chance to grab yours:

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