PECOTA is SMART; Cub Fans are NOT

February 25, 2019


So, the latest in the Cubs are the absolute worst and their fans are absolutely ridiculous – we present to you PECOTA. One of the worst fans on the planet and the biggest homer of all time – Evan Altman has whined non stop about PECOTA putting the Cubs at 79 wins. To what length will he stop? There probably is not. Take a look at his major whining with this one:

Brett Taylor at the Bleacher Nation is othe ONE GUY worse than Evan Altman. He did all his whining here:

We have come to the conclusion:

A. The Cubs Suck.

B. PECOTA is smart and Cub fans are not.

C. Cub fans are the absolute WORST on the planet.

Oh – and if that wasn’t enough. The amount of you know what they lost when Kris Bryant hit a homerun in a spring training game. My goodness are you people terrible.

Remember – when the Cubs Lose, America Wins!

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