The Cubs are DEAD! The Cubs are DEAD!

September 22, 2019


Turn out the lights…. The party is over…. Not that anyone was watching baseball anyways at Wrigley Field, but the party is over. The Cubs are DEAD! The “dynasty” is over. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The Cubs are missing out on the playoffs. YA HATE TO SEE IT.

What a weekend. The Cubs blew three games in the ninth inning THIS WEEKEND. The Lovable Losers have lost SIXTH straight games and are officially ELIMINATED from the National League Central divisional race. Chicago has like a 0.0000001% chance to win the National League Wildcard. Guess what? Not going to happen!

It’s Theo’s League? Shut up. This team sucks. Nice bullpen, Theo. Joe Maddon has run out of magic. His team sucks and he is all but gone. Anthony Rizzo is over the hill and using an “injury” to blame his struggles on. Kris Bryant is a shell of his former self, and let’s not even go there with Javier Baez…

Oh yeah – this is the same team that still employs MADison Russell. The St. Louis Cardinals are the HEROS America has ALWAYS NEEDED!

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