March 26, 2019


By now, you have probably all seen the glorius and absolutely HILARIOUS video that shows Yu Darvish giving up an absolute bomb on his first pitch back this past weekend… I am not sure how we want to break this BREAKING NEWS – but Yu Darvish STILL SUCKS. The guy is the most overpaid and overrated player in all of Major League Baseball. Dude just doesn’t have it anymore. Sure, he’s going to grab a win or two this season, and then the idiot nation is going to come here and brag about how “We told you” and all that mumbo jumbo that they always do. But, in the end, Yu Darvish sucks and there is NO chance you can count on him down the stretch. That’s all – Yu Darvish still sucks!

The Cubs open up this week. They take on the Rangers in Texas and then the Braves in Atlanta. Its time to get the L flags out, and understand that PECOTA really DID know what the heck they were talking about, and root on the NOT CUBS. The Cubs and Brewers and Cubs and Cardinals series will be as epic as ever this year, because BOTH TEAMS ARE MUCH BETTER than the Cubs. Even the White Sox after years in the toilet are going to win more games than the Cubs this year. You just hate to see it…

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